Behind the Scoop by Johannes Koch

Behind the scoop
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This is the end of news. Long live scoops.

Sick and tired of the news? Want to understand why we need journalism? Do you want to know what makes great journalism? Want a behind-the-scenes look at how journalists operate?

Behind the Scoop: Why You Should Think and Act like a Journalist is a short and sharp book that will help you identify and write scoops, understand how great journalism is fashioned and you'll come away reading less news and picking up great journalism worth your time. It's not just about getting the Bob Woodward-style scoop of the century, it's about more power to you and less power to useless news.

After reading Behind the Scoop you will:

  • understand what behavior makes an excellent journalist
  • grasp concepts such as "truth" in journalism, "confirmation bias" and see how "trust " is earned
  • shift your perspective on the meaning of a scoop
  • learn how to generate scoops
  • identify great scoops based on tell-tale signs in stories
  • get inspired to stop reading the news and to start reading scoops

Insights in Behind the Scoop come a dozen masters in journalism. Journalists interviewed for this book have traveled the world and include international award-winners with major scoops in outlets including but not limited to The New York TimesThe GuardianQuartz and many, many more.

Behind the Scoop will benefit you if you are:

  • an aspiring journalist keen on generating scoops
  • communication specialist looking for better understand of how journalists think and act
  • someone looking to cut through the noise of online news, looking for meaningful content and improve your news literacy

Author Johannes Koch, a German-Indian born journalist and writer who cut his teeth at Financial Times Group and Bloomberg, will inspire you to stop reading the news, show you how to navigate the information-saturated, clickbait infested waters of the web and recognise great journalism.