Believe your desires into your life god’s way by E. Onode

God's way

Did you pray for what you wanted and did not get any answers - yet again? Have you ever wondered why? Well, wonder no longer! Just keep reading…

Getting consistent answers to prayers is not a mystery.

It should not be an arduous chore

God delights in blessing you and answering your prayers

Believing your desires into your life becomes easy when you know the truths explained in this book.

Believe Your Desires Into Your Life God's Way will help you:

  • Realize that all things are already yours
  • Understand why you believe the way you do
  • Discover how your beliefs affect you and how you can change them
  • Understand Why your mind fights you during prayer
  • Recognize how to use spiritual tools to carve out what you want
  • Guide your mind to your answer

And much more…..