TYCOON: His Money. His Harley. His Control by Maggie Carpenter

Tycoon by Maggie Carpenter

Secrets abound! A billionaire biker meets his match and a naughty novelist meets her fantasy, but danger is looming.

Mary Austen has fallen madly in love with the adorable dog she found during a raging storm, but to her dismay the owner is about to knock on her door. Hearing the roar of a motorbike outside her house she hurries to the window.

She cannot believe her eyes.

The biker removing his helmet is tall, muscled, and ruggedly handsome. When he enters her house the dog is thrilled to see him, and the tenderness of the leather-clad, hunky man touches her heart, but it doesn't stop her berating him for not having his pet microchipped.

Angry sparks fly, and though she hates to see the dog leave she orders the biker out the door.

Mason Abbott, a take-charge billionaire businessman is no stranger to strong beautiful women. He knows just how to handle them! Riding away hes determined to see the gutsy girl again, but even as he makes plans to pursue her, menacing forces are about to strike.

If you like sizzling romance wrapped in secrets, suspense and intrigue, you'll love this new release from bestselling author Maggie Carpenter. If you want your heartstrings perfectly pulled, and your hot button pushed, click the link today.