Billionaire’s Date by Mia Ford

Book Cover: Billionaire's Date by Mia Ford

Billionaire contemporary romance in women's fiction on Kindle

I have finally found my match. 
Ruby Woods - the sexy, sassy, smart executive who's got the reputation of pushing her agenda through everything.
I've heard she's an overachiever at work,
She plays to win.
And she does not want a relationship.
She's too busy fighting for a cause.
Or fighting me, I should say!
And this is not going to end nice.
Because I am done playing the nice CEO at work.
One night with her,
And all I wanna play now, is a terrific bedroom game.
A game that lasts forever,
I bet that s*xy a$$ and those perky nip*les would be a treat to watch and play with.
But what's gonna happen when she finds out about the big secret I am hiding?
There is a lot at stake, and I have to make a choice. 
You bet it's a tough one!

This is the FIRST Novella in the 69th St. Bad Boys Series! No cliffhangers and HEA guaranteed!