Billionaire Daddy & Nanny by Mia Ford

Book Cover: Billionaire Daddy & Nanny by Mia Ford

Billionaire romance on Kindle

It is a shock to find your own husband with another woman, especially when you are just starting out together. I want it all, but it crashes on me the moment I open his office door.
I pick up the pieces and go back to my hometown, young and uncertain of what is to come. I have a new job caring for a young girl that just lost her mom and I know that I want to help her. I feel like I have a purpose in life, but when I start to have feelings for her widowed father, I wonder if I am going down a dangerous path!!!
He is gorgeous and the way that he loves his daughter makes me fall even harder for him. I know that I can’t hold back my feelings, so one night I decide not to…
Can I be a good mother to this sweet little girl that needs love?
Will I be enough woman to please Nick, since he is older than me and has done so much more loving?
Can I find it in my heart to love again?