The Billionaire’s Nanny by Logan Chance

The billionaire's nanny
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From USA Today bestselling author, Logan Chance, comes a hot, passionate tale between a brooding billionaire and a young, sassy nanny.

Bree has got the hots for her billionaire boss, Smith. She also loves his son Carter, and takes her job as his nanny as seriously as she can.
But she can't help wondering what it would be like if she were with Smith.
Playing pretend as Smith's wife is how she spends her days, until one late night the passions build between the two.

Smith knows better than falling for his young, beautiful nanny. He just can't control himself whenever she's around. He starts wondering what it would be like to touch her, seduce her, claim her.
One word rolls through his mind every day... mine.

Will the two of them be able to contain their desire? Or will the pressure building finally combust?

* Author's Note, This is a short, I do mean short, instalove story between a brooding billionaire and his young nanny. This is a fun romp in the hay that should wet your appetite for love, and although Amazon has it at 38 pages....I assure you the pb has it at 55. Read at your own will, and this book is for ALL of you ladies who love the books that get right to the good stuff.

** This book was previously available as NILF.