Billy Plays Pirate by Steve Williamson

Billy plays pirate

A Children’s Story about Pirates, Emotions and the Power of a Mother’s Love

Billy is a vivacious little boy who likes to try out new things and explore the world around him. This time Billy wants to be a pirate…with a real treasure.

"I want to do a treasure hunt!" announces Billy to his friends. Hearing Billy say "treasure" surprises little Sam, a mischievous little boy and Billy’s neighbor.

And he becomes curious. “What treasure!?" thinks Sam, and so he starts spying on the three friends. Steve and Judy are confused, but Billy shows them his mother's diamond necklace and says, "This will be our treasure." "Where’d you get that?" asks Judy…

"It's my mom's," says Billy. "Don't worry. We’ll bury it ... make a treasure ... map and ... tomorrow, early in the morning, we dig it up again."

But Sam digs it up while Billy and his friends are away…

And the next morning they can’t find it, Billy is growing worried, afraid to tell his mother that he took it without permission, and he has lost her precious necklace…

What will Bill do now?

Will Sam return the necklace?

Read this fantastic story and find out!

Everyone who enjoyed The Bad Seed, Pete the Cat, and What Do You Do with a Problem? will also enjoy Billy Plays Pirate.

Steve G. Williamson brings to us a beautiful story of feelings, life lessons and positive transformation every child will love.