Black Cargo by World Changing History

Black Cargo

Discover how 12 million Africans were sold by their leaders into slavery to make others rich!

Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the New World was celebrated across Europe, with gold and silver from this new world making Kings and Queens fabulously wealthy.

Portuguese, Spanish and British Empires split the New World of America and they soon discovered something more profitable than gold and silver.

The land of the new world was perfect for growing sugar, cotton, tobacco and huge profits were to be made but there was a problem, they needed slaves as it was highly labour intensive work. Scorching heat, humidity and diseases had killed the enslaved natives by the millions.

The solution was in Africa and it led to the greatest forced migration of people ever….

In Black Cargo: The Untold Story of the Transatlantic Slave Trade you will discover

  • How Entrepreneurship started the slave trade
  • The Slave Coast where Millions of Africans were sold
  • Discover the Europeans Nations and merchants that made Millions from Slavery
  • How Africans were sold into slavery by their own kings
  • The life or death journey of the Middle passage
  • The Island where 90% of the Population were slaves
  • Discover how the first wide spread boycott contributed to the abolition of the slave trade

If you want to learn about the A-Z of the Transatlantic Slave Trade from beginning to end this is the book for you