Black Water Tales: To the Moon and Back by J. N. Rivers

Black Water Tales
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As Simone Parker’s belly swells with baby number three, she is anxious to move her husband and two daughters to her childhood home in the picturesque town of Black Water, even if it was the site of her family’s massacre twenty-three years ago. Resettling there won’t be easy, but she is determined to break generational curses and reclaim her good memories. While dismissing the adolescent, town legend that her family was murdered by the Sandman, Simone cannot deny that some unsettling haunt remains. As the evil builds to a peak marked by the brutal birth of her son, Simone is forced to realize that the monster is real and has returned. She must face him or lose her children to his eternal sleep.

Hush little baby, don’t you cry. Here comes the Sandman close … your …eyes.

To the Moon and Back is the third installment in the Black Water Tales psychological horror series. If you hunger for things that go bump in the night, ghastly monsters and thrilling plot twists, then you’ll love this unique tale of terror.

Grab To the Moon and Back and descend into the madness of this series today.

*All books in the series stand alone.

"A vividly imagined, eerie tale that skillfully explores social issues that deserve to be discussed. Rivers knows how to craft prose and characters that crawl under your skin and sink deep into your dreams. Don't sleep on this one!"

- Brandon Massey, author of Dark Corner and Nana