THE DCI Blizzard Murder Mysteries by John Dean

Books 4 to 6

The DCI Blizzard Murder Mysteries

More page-turning crime fiction! Three more unmissable murder mysteries in the best-selling series. A super value boxset!

Comprising the fourth, fifth and sixth books in the Detective Chief Inspector John Blizzard series: THE SECRETS MAN, BREACH OF TRUST and DEATH LIST.


Whilst detective John Blizzard looks into a series of drug-related deaths, his nemesis, gangland thug Morrie Raynor, is released from prison. Blizzard becomes convinced Raynor is linked to a new crime spree, but with little evidence other than the ravings of a sick, delirious man, the detective's colleagues suspect his personal feelings are clouding his judgement.


A corrupt industrialist is found dead. When his family shed crocodile tears, DCI John Blizzard turns the screw. But when their alibis check out, can his team track down the real killer among a long list of likely suspects?


An undercover detective is shot in his home. Later, police officers on a routine patrol are fired at. Someone has a big problem with law enforcement. DCI Blizzard starts a crackdown on his city’s most notorious gangsters. But is he in danger of rubbing the wrong people up the wrong way? Or is he already on the killer’s list?

All three of these books are also available separately on Kindle and in paperback.

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The first three books in the series, THE LONG DEAD, STRANGE LITTLE GIRL and THE RAILWAY MAN, are also available individually on Kindle and in paperback and as a box set on Kindle.

If you enjoy mysteries that have you guessing until they end, you’ll love these books about hard-hitting detective John Blizzard and his team.