BLUE DIAMONDS by Antonia Marlowe

Blue Diamonds by Antonia Marlowe

"Beautifully written, a thrilling suspense novel with lots of romance. I was left wanting more!" Angela Breardon

“If you read only one book this year, pick this thriller. It will keep you guessing until the end.” John Dancey

"Blue Diamonds keeps you reading. Loved the Australian setting. I could not put it down." Eva Simmons

She picked the wrong man to reject. Now he wants her dead.

Chloe Clarke moves to Australia to escape a stalker who tried to kill her. She meets handsome businessman Tom Wentworth and her life seems set to change for the better.
Just when she thinks she is safe, a figure from the past threatens everything.

ANTONIA MARLOWE is the author of STRANGE BODIES, a crime thriller also available from The Book Folks on Kindle.