The Book Of Witness by Erick Mertz

The book of witness
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Omnibus Edition: A Paranormal Mystery Collection (The Strange Air)

Some of these stories are true. Others, however, are not.

Deciding truth from fiction is up to you.

A collection of paranormal mysteries that will keep you up long into the night.

Canyon County, Oregon is a place unlike any other. For as long as people have lived amongst the creek beds, tree-covered hills and deep shadowy hollers they have encountered strange phenomenon.

The Book Of Witness is a treasure trove containing thirteen peculiar paranormal mystery stories. This book will introduce you to just a few Canyon County residents touched by its cold finger.

A God-fearing Christian with wild hallucinations.

An unrepentant conman who got into business with a frightening shape shifter.

The wounded Vietnam veteran who watched his friends mercifully released from their mortal pain.

A rural mail carrier who got a little too curious.

Though all of these people come from different eras and walks of life, they have one thing in common. Their lives have been touched by unexplainable encounters with the paranormal.

And they want to tell you about it.

What is out there? Nobody knows for sure.

According to legend, it is an evil as old as the mountains.


"Loved reading Erick Mertz's fiction, it was spooky, as ghost stories should be, and the characters were very well developed, I felt as if I knew each person." -- Amazon Review

"Stylized as a series of interviews, these paranormal mysteries catch your attention with eerie circumstances and unreliable narrators... I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys eldritch horror and mystery stories." -- Amazon Review

"Each tale is captivating and fascinating, keeping you on the edge of your seat throughout." -- Amazon Review

The Book Of Witness is the first volume in "The Strange Air" series of paranormal mysteries. This is the ideal jumping off point for your journey into the unexplainable wilds of Canyon County.