A Bounty with Strings by Markus Matthews

A bounty with strings
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With air elemental powers…

…he’s powerful and for hire.

Who wants him dead?

If given the power of wind and lightning, one might be expected to become a superhero for the greater good. Zack wanted more and went a different route. The life of a bounty hunter suited him, and it paid better than being selfless.

For six-years he worked on his own.

Circumstances on the new job made that impossible.

This assignment would be his hardest. It wasn’t typical that he worked with others, but he needed them. The motley crew of supernatural got into a tight spot and barely survived. Now, recovering from their wounds, Zack wondered.

Was it time for a change?

With his focus on recovering Zack didn’t notice there was trouble brewing. In the shadows of the underworld a powerful vampire syndicate has a score to settle. There was a new contract out and his team is in the crosshairs.

Will he survive the world’s top assassins coming for them?

You’ll love this thrill-ride of a supernatural adventure because this origin story starts off a great new series to devour.

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