Break Through The Noise by Mia Reyes

Break through the noise by Mia Reyes

Want to overcome self-doubt? Want elevated confidence and social skills, even if you are often anxious or have an introverted mind? Then keep reading.

Whether you're 17 or 25: If doubt, insecurity, or social anxiety often stop you from being you, it could be limiting your life progress and personal development.

It’s totally exhausting. It can make you ignore new open doors, miss out on opportunities, avoid friends. Seriously, sometimes it feels like being frozen and just watching everyone else live their best life.

According to Forbes, up to 53% of the population often feel socially awkward or have low self esteem in social situations. Plus, according to the NIH, around 7.1% of US young adults experience social anxiety.

But in everyday life, things can be so hard to pinpoint. Like, how do you even know what you’re actually dealing with?

And so, here’s what you’ll discover in this book:

  • Ways to make sense of what you’re feeling and experiencing right now
  • Why jumping in too fast can actually block your progress
  • How to properly set the stage for change
  • Real-life tips from real-life people
  • The vital differences between insecurity, social anxiety, and an introverted mind
  • Annoying myths vs. actual facts
  • 3 surprising but common roadblocks you need to tackle now
  • 5 crucial mindset changes that could make or break your progress
  • Powerful ways to challenge self-doubt and mute the inner unfair critic
  • Why you need to care (a lot!) less about what others think
  • Quiz to figure out if you are a people pleaser, and how to stop it
  • How to stop worrying every night
  • Why only you should define your own success, and how to do it
  • Self-appreciation exercises to overcome negativity
  • Not-too-daunting techniques to kick-start your return to social life
  • The one groundbreaking method thousands of people use to manage overwhelming emotions
  • Bonus chapter: Advanced amplifiers for a steady personal growth and development
  • Bonus: Free #moodchallenge collection of images and art to calm your mood and settle your mindset

Analyze the sitch and explore your options. You absolutely can make change happen. You can build a more confident mindset, and start enjoying yourself again!

According to a social anxiety study run by The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, an amazing 84.7% of socially anxious participants experienced improvement using only cognitive exercises.

It’s time to get a glow up.


Don’t run the risk of burnout!

You need to find your own rhythm. This depends highly on your own starting point (where on the scale you’re right now), your own triggers, and your own strengths. This book is all about the more considerate, relaxed approach. Because it gives a lot of people better results.

So you can make progress even if you have no idea where to start, even if you think you don’t have the strength to make lasting change, and especially if you’ve tried tackling this challenge before but just couldn’t break through.

No pressure. You create your own pace and gather the skills one by one, gradually. The steps are outlined in exactly the right order you need to take them. So you can drive your personal growth and become more confident as fast or as slow as you need.

In other words, you can take action, make change happen and move forward steadily without the pain of pushing things too far.

So if you want a tailored approach to create a more personalized strategy to building self confidence, better social skills, more self compassion and resilience, get this book!