Breakneck Booty by Shelby Kennedy

Breakneck booty

Discover the secret to building your best body, even if you have no gym experience whatsoever…

When you imagine your ideal fitness routine, what comes to mind?

You probably aren't dreaming about spending hours in the gym each day, sweating and struggling to meet your goals while managing the rest of your responsibilities.

The key to toning and sculpting your muscles successfully doesn't lie in having a gym membership. In fact, a survey found that 63% of gym memberships go completely unused, and 22% stop going 6 months into their membership.

Clearly, just signing up for a gym isn't enough -- for most people, the costs end up far outweighing the benefits.

Yet it's more than possible to meet and surpass your fitness goals.

So how do you do it?

The key lies in recognizing that your unique situation requires a unique approach to fitness -- not a one size fits all membership with no flexibility.

What about a program that recognizes the demands of your busy life? One that doesn't expect you to dedicate unlimited time and money to sculpting a better body?

As a wife, mother, and entrepreneur, Shelby Kennedy knows just how challenging it can be to prioritize yourself when it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.

But you shouldn't have to give up feeling good about yourself in order to take care of everyone else -- you can accomplish everything you need to while feeling great in your own skin.

All it takes is motivation, a little guidance, and 30-40 minutes out of your busy schedule.

In Breakneck Booty, you will discover:

  • An effective, easy-to-follow 2-week plan that takes the guesswork out of exercise
  • Why it's so important to stretch beforehand, and the simple moves experts swear by to get your muscles warmed up and ready for action
  • Detailed instructions for every move, with tips on to keep you in perfect form during every workout
  • Simple workouts that don't require any equipment or experience to get you noticeable results
  • The most common challenges women face when trying to get into a fitness routine -- and how you can overcome them
  • 19 glute-busting moves to get you a rounder, perkier booty in no time

And much more.

You've probably tried other programs in the past and without seeing the results that you had hoped for.

You're frustrated by stopping and starting on your fitness journey, and ready for the solution that will finally get you to where you want to be.

The answer isn't going to be found in expensive gym memberships or trainers that won't work with your busy schedule.

As a modern woman, you know how valuable your free time is -- it's time to build an exercise schedule that works for you, not against you.