Marrying his Brother by Tia Siren

A Fake Fiance Romance

Marrying his brother by Tia Siren
She wants to marry my brother.
I want to marry her.
I'll settle for a fake-engagement.
But I won't give up until I win... for real.
I'm Harry, the better brother - even if I'm the black sheep of the family.
Amber's my brother's ex.
William broke her heart and she doesn't know why.
Now I'm taking over.
I'll kiss her tears away and sign her name across my soul.
My love started out fake, but now it's as real as her curves.
No way my brother's getting her back.
Sibling rivalry has a new meaning.
Fighting for the same woman might destroy this family.
But there can only be one winner.
And the prize?
Amber's heart.
Completely and truly mine.Marrying His Brother is a stand-alone novel of 80000 words. In this fake marriage romance, you'll have to find out which brother will get the girl for real. Don't worry. There's no cheating. HEA? Of course! And I've also included some bonus novels for your enjoyment. All stories are full-length novels.

Tia Siren. Spoil the bad girl in you.