The Bullying Epidemic Hitting Our Youth by Rhonda Taylor

Book Cover: The Bullying Epidemic Hitting Our Youth by Rhonda Taylor

The Bullying Epidemic Hitting Our Youth by Rhonda Taylor

The Bullying Epidemic Can Be Defeated!!

Bullying is a widespread epidemic which has impacted countless lives and has resulted in kids who suffer needlessly in silence. Discover the reasons behind a bully's behavior and how positive life experiences can make all the difference in producing kids who feel empowered, respected, loved, all of which creates positive feelings within themselves and towards others. Our youth’s academic, extracurricular activities, personal lives, as well as aspirations can all be crushed as a result of becoming the target of a bully.

A Bully is Weaker Than the Bullied

In reality the bully is weak and vulnerable, whereas the victim is actually stronger. Many times the bully is hurting deep inside and crying out for help in non-constructive ways and may have negative internal emotions which motivate them in their actions such as:

Negative life events can also be a contributing factor for a bully's behavior such as:

•Dysfunctional Home Life
•Mental Health Issues
•Self-Esteem Issues

Although the victims of bullying are much stronger than the bully, bullying can completely alter a person’s life in very dramatic and profound ways. When bullying becomes extreme and there seems to be no end in sight, many kids have taken their own life in order to escape the suffering. This is so unfortunate and deeply depressing concerning the youth in our society, as what could have been a beautiful and flourishing life is cut short by the senseless act of bullying.

The Bully’s Motivation Stems from Weaknesses

By realizing that a bully's motivation stems from weaknesses, our youth can be better able to arm themselves should they ever be confronted with this type of situation. Our youth should not suffer alone, any longer, as there are many resources that they can turn to for help. By getting inside the mind of a bully and what motivates them in their behavior, a person is better equipped to deal with the problem and discover that it has nothing to do with them (the victim) personally, but rather is underlying issues within the bully.

Both “The Bully” and “The Victim” Suffer

The receiver of the bullying suffers tremendously as the result of the bully's suffering. Ironically, both suffer from the same emotions although they stem from different sources. A victim can experience depression, anxiety, loneliness, fear, and other negative emotions. On the flipside, the bully suffers the same emotions which may stem from negative life factors that they experience and how they feel about themselves and the world around them. Everyone has a life story, some positive and some negative, and it is how those life experiences can affect a person in either a healthy or an unhealthy way.

By being able to view bullying from a whole different perspective, we are better able to understand what motivates a person to lash out at other's in such negative ways, and we can begin to take proactive measures to eliminate it which benefits both the bully and the victim.