Bury the Demons by Michael Ghosh

Bury the demons
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Bobby’s flatmate Martin was also his best friend. They lived in West London and did everything together. With good jobs and money in the bank, their lives were pretty good, or so it seemed…

The story takes a dark turn and lives are dramatically changed when Martin’s girlfriend suspects him of cheating. With her man becoming more and more aloof, and acting rather strangely, she confides in Bobby and he feels compelled to help. Taking the mission one step too far, Bobby tracks Martin down to a leafy village outside of London after he claimed to be visiting his sick father, a man rarely mentioned. Following him into a wooded area, Bobby experiences a thud to the back of his head. When he awakes, he finds himself locked in a cell, which he later learns, to be an abandoned World War II underground bunker. To his amazement, he’s not alone. Surely, it has to be some sort of joke or a bad dream?

Bury the Demons is a fast-paced thriller, full of twists and turns, and plenty of dark humour. A real roller-coaster ride of emotions.