Catalyst by Josh McLean

Catalyst Ignite Your Spark Within To Achieve Powerful Transformation by Josh McLean

Ignite Your Spark Within To Achieve Powerful Transformation

Have you dreamed for more in life but feel stuck? Has fear been holding you back from achieving your full potential?
You were born for more and you know it! You are not stuck in your current situation.

  • IF you are ready for change > THEN you will find tools to help create a meaningful transformation
  • IF you are ready to take action and explore achieving your full potential > THEN this book is for you
  • IF people around you think you are successful, but deep down you still have a burning desire inside to contribute more > THEN this book is for you

In Catalyst, Josh McLean draws his own personal experience from overcoming a brain injury resulting from a car accident and the crippling effects of fear. You'll get a behind the scenes look at the transformational journey that has allowed him to have an impact at some of the best-known brands including KinderCare Education and a small Oregon startup called Nike.

You will gain insight from his work with restless achievers and discover 6 steps to create powerful personal transformation. Catalyst seeks to identify what is holding you back and explores how:

  • Information overload is suppressing your internal power
  • Fear is a hidden epidemic infecting millions, silently robbing you of your full potential
  • Goal setting without proper guardrails creates unbalanced focus and causes unnecessary setbacks

Have you dreamed of more but have temporarily given up on life?
Do you sometimes feel afraid and stop short of pursuing that big goal?
Do you feel your desire for achievement and continual improvement has not translated into success?
If you answered yes to any of these you are likely a restless achiever!
Restless achievers fall into 4 categories: continual learner, dead dreamer, externally impacted, and silently fearful. Each one of these situations requires a radical change to live an abundant life.
The dreams and desires lingering inside you are achievable and exist to spur you to action.

Don't wait! Your breakthrough moment is waiting.