A Chance on Sunday by Brenda Bell

A chance on sunday


Private investigator Chance Sunday is hired by Carol McIntyre to find her missing daughter Laurel and prove her innocence. Soon after he starts his investigation one of Laurel’s best friends is murdered. Sunday is afraid Laurel may be next. He must sort through the misdirection and lies of Laurel’s friends to find the truth.

Praise for A Chance on Sunday

“Really enjoyed the read. Characters and story were well developed and the pacing was a good speed overall.”—Debra Hartman, Professional Book Editor

“Loved the characters and especially Boomer. I think this is the best book you have written.”—June Jones, Avid Reader

” Loved the story. It was well written and kept me turning the pages. I fell in love with the dog, Boomer.”—Kay D, Avid Reader

“The story felt like talking to an old friend. I could imagine sitting at the bar in the Do Drop Inn and listening to Mr. Sunday tell me about his latest case over a beer.”—Patricia C, Avid Reader


I took out my pad and pencil. “Ma’am, let’s start from the beginning. Er…first, what’s your name?”
She poured the cola I’d offered into the glass and watched it fizz before she gulped a drink. This appeared to revive her. She sat back in her seat, sighed, and raised her head. “It’s Carol…Carol McIntyre.”
“Pleased to meet you. My name is Chance Sunday. Now, how may I help you?”
“My daughter, Laurel, is missing. It’s been over three weeks now with no word. It’s not like her not to call or text me. We used to talk almost every day.”
“I take it you reported her missing to the police. What did they say?”
“I didn’t have to report her missing. They say they haven’t been able to find her either. They want her too, Mr. Sunday. It’s not because she’s missing. They think she’s an accomplice.” Her eyes became larger as she spoke.
“An accomplice to what, Mrs. McIntyre?”
“To m-murder!” She sat up straight in her chair. Her eyes glittered. “But I assure you, she didn’t do it. She’s scared, and that’s why she ran away. Please, if you can’t help me, I don’t know what I’ll do. I’m so worried I can’t sleep or eat. I can’t go on like this not knowing if she’s alive or…dead.”
She slumped in her chair, breathing heavily. Boomer moved in closer and laid his head on her lap. She put her hand on Boomer’s head. I waited until she looked up again and started breathing more easily. She took another sip of her cola.