How to Change the World One Person At a Time by Christian Lassen

How to change the world

Life is amazing!

It's also amazingly complex. We have to deal with biology, hormones, intimacy, relationships, marriage, work, jobs, success, failure, fear, and other people. It's hard. It's difficult. And we mess it up, a lot.


This world is full of chaos and craziness. Anxiety, depression, ecstasy, and joy. These are part of it all. There are some consistently proven principles, rules, and patterns that humanity has followed to succeed on this planet. We are the most successful form of life that's ever lived. You and I get to be a part of it.


Dr. Lassen gathers together the strategies, rules, tips, and tricks that span human history and culture to show us why we do what we do and how to improve it. In a raw, open, and sometimes blunt way of speaking, he spills out why humans are the way they are, and also the gifts of life that have helped us be so awesome.


Understanding why we struggle with health, addictions, anxiety, depression, intimacy and relationships, and more will help you understand yourself as a wonderful and extraordinary self.

The second half of this book shares the principles that cultures across this world have used to build civilization, society, and life, to become what it has. From the major World Religions, to ancient philosphies, to the most successful modern thought leaders and motivational speakers. This book will shine the light on your life in a way you've never seen before.

You are guaranteed to learn something useful, fascinating, and life-changing in these pages.