Chaos Surging by Brian Sherlock

Chaos surging
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This sex, swear and superpower filled batch of adult fantasy details how 'some Brokeback Mountain X-Men choose to fight back Malcolm X style'.

In 2047 a terrorist attack in Mexico City adds fuel to humankind's hatred of mysteriously empowered beings, the novi. Desperate to ensure peace for her fellow novi, precog and leader Cassey Lawal works to prevent another deadly attack.

Cassey's most powerful asset, water elemental Dylan Strammole, pursues the only lead - pleasure driven healer Asher Paravis - to a broken and hostile London.

Dylan and Cassey believe Asher responsible for the wave of novi terrorism and work to stop him... but Asher has plans of his own and intends for the water elemental to help him see them fulfilled - complications arise when Dylan grows a heart for the healer.