Chasing The Orchid by Michael Benson

Chasing The Orchid by Michael Benson

Christopher Bachman was content with his quiet life. All he needed to be happy was Tory, the wife that he adored, and his thriving business. The fact that his retail outlets had made him a very rich man was of no importance to him, nor was the fact that his success stemmed from a traumatic childhood incident that he believed was buried deep in his past.

A major life move was to change all that.

When Chris realized that Tory was deeply unhappy in their small Southern town and often the subject of bigotry and petty bullying, he took the major decision to walk away from his own dream to offer her the opportunity to fulfill hers. Running a bar in Los Angeles was probably one of the worst things that the socially awkward Chris could think of but his deep desire to ensure Tory’s happiness gave him the determination to overcome his fears.

Little did he know that the decision was to trigger traumatic buried memories and set in motion a chain of events that he seemed powerless to explain or halt. All he’d wanted was to give Tory the happy ever after she deserved, but now he was the one living the nightmare. Plagued by night terrors, flashbacks, and hallucinations, can he refrain from drifting into insanity, or will the events escalate until they culminate in a shocking conclusion?