Cheezy the Silly Mouse by Cheezy the Little Mouse

cheezy the silly

Cheezy the Little Mouse is happy to announce his first book!
Cute mousey house stories, silly jokes, and stunning colorful illustrations.
Get ready for the ultimate fun with "Cheezy the Silly Mouse: Year-round Adventures and Silly Jokes for Kids"!

But, apart from being appealing to the children, this book is a great tool to boost child development. It works best when parents engage the child in reading and discussion. According to scientific research published in Perspectives on Psychological Sciences in 2013, reading interactively with young children raises their IQ. And, the earlier the interactive reading takes place, the larger the benefits.

The book opens with an intro composed by an educator and highlighting the educational value of it. The intro is followed by 28 poems with colorful illustrations. They are grouped by seasons to enable your child to learn about times of the year, seasonal routines, and respective celebrations. Each poem is accompanied by questions explicitly designed to boost children's development.

Why choose this book?

  • Cute kids poems featuring the scenes of everyday child's life.
  • Colorful illustrations to boost size, shape, and color recognition, as well as counting skills.
  • Each story is accompanied by a question box, with questions arranged in degrees of difficulty; this helps with early comprehension skills and understanding the text.
  • Picture word association development is achieved through matching pictures to words on each page.
  • Vocabulary development: children can learn new words by looking at the pictures on each page.
  • Pre-reading skills development: rhyming words and the rhythm of the verses help early readers interact with the story.
  • A gift for every young reader: activity sheets available via QR code inside.

Cheezy is a friendly character, and he loves making new friends! So if you want to come to know him, please refer to the Author's bio section below.

Have fun with this Cheezy's book, and see you in the upcoming books 🙂