A Doula’s Guide to Education by Jemmais Keval-Baxter

Doula's guide to education
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Another superlative addition to the book series by Jemmais Keval-Baxter, the Ho'oponopono Doula.™ Her newest edition “A Doula’s Guide to Education” should be a statement to all parents to pay attention. Raising a child is the hardest job on Earth, and the role must not be taken lightly. Jemmais’s awareness of a child’s needs is clearly evident in her writing. Her book will provide an essential and vital foundation for raising a well-rounded, fully nurtured child. There is no question that with the issues facing today’s society, now is the time that parents take note. Jemmais’s authentic voice speaks to everyone involved in raising a child and should be a mandatory read for all adults.

“As a parent, I am immensely grateful for this book. Jemmais Keval-Baxter, the Ho'oponopono Doula™ bestows her experience and sageness once again, this time on educating our children. “A Doula’s Guide to Education” is an absolute testament to the importance of providing our children with much more than a textbook education. I am certain that if we take Jemmais’s advice and instill in our children the many virtues she puts forth; our society will no longer be a populous of ‘broken adults.’”