Choosing by R. Hendricks & P. Clendenin

(The Covenant Challenges Book 1)


The Covenant Challenges have begun, and I, Elyse Fisher, have been chosen to compete for a man…
There is only one nation left on Earth. One queen to rule us all. And almost no men to marry and make children with.
Why? Three generations ago, a silent pandemic ravaged the human race, modifying the Y gene and devastating the existence of the male hormone.
Only the lucky and the Elite can have male children. And that means, there are a lot of people vying to be their wives. In honor of our queen, the Elite, and those lost to the bacteria, a competition is held to find out of 50 girls from 5 districts, who the lucky chosen will be.
I am one of the 50, whether I like it or not.
Fans of The Selection and The Hunger Games will get addicted to this new young adult dystopian romance series!