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These are some of the top methods used by the world's best life coaches. Kaden James implemented these techniques to overcome a traumatic childhood which included abuse, bullying, and homelessness. He learned to overcome fears, set and reach goals by taking massive action, and ultimately designed a life he loves all while helping countless others do the same.

To make coaching accessible to everyone Kaden created this simple and easy to follow workbook that will get you results. When Kaden was at his lowest he didn't have the money to afford a coach of his own so he would read books written by the greatest minds and inspiring people he could find. He studied them and learned their methods for setting and achieving goals, uncovering limiting beliefs, strengthening relationships, gaining confidence, generating wealth and abundance, and cultivating self-love. As he prospered he reinvested in his own education becoming a top Certified Life Coach with Expert Rating.

It doesn't matter if you are new to coaching or a seasoned life coach yourself, this book can help anyone willing and ready to do the work. It's time to get the life you really want.