The Commander by Dan Hendrickson

The Commander

Commander Jacob Edwards is Captain Tommy Williams of Naval Intelligence, best operative in the field. As part of a secret elite inter- military/law enforcement task force he has rose to be the #2 man in that organization. Jacob is also now the captain of the Coast Guard completely refurbished Hamilton Class Cutter, First Responder. On its shakedown cruise after being refurbished all hell breaks loose in the Gulf of Mexico and Tommy calls on Commander Edwards to take care of the problem. Industrial sabotage, mass murder, and terrorism are just a few of the things he’s got to stop as he and his men try to figure out what’s really going in the Gulf. Edwards has to juggle being in the command structure of the Coast Guard while secretly carrying out orders that come from the president himself. Best-case scenario is he gets the job done, and no one knows it was him that did it.