Communication Skills Training by James Collins

Communication skills training

Discover the Effective Skills to Talk to Anyone, Read People Like a Book, Become an Empathic Listener and Understand Body Language.

Have you ever wondered why people misinterpret and misunderstand you? Do you sometimes misinterpret the signs you get from people?

Communication is an essential factor in every sector in our life. We live in a world of information that involves listening, speaking, and transmitting information with each other.

Do you sometimes realise you’ve missed out on opportunities or relationships because you’ve not understood something?

Many careers, friendships and relationships have been ruined due to the inability to send out the right signals or to decode them properly.

Good news, communication is not only simple, but it is also straightforward to master it when you know how! Are you asking “HOW” already?

Communication Skills Training: How to Talk to Anyone, Read People Like a Book, Become an Empathic Listener and Understand Body Language is the ultimate solution to your long-term communication problems.

This step-by-step guide will teach you the top-secret information that you can instantly implement to solve communication and relationship problems in all aspects of your life.

Inside this powerful guide, you will discover:

  • The Fundamentals and Importance of Communication: The in-depth understanding of the importance of communication in different aspects of life and additional benefits for readers.
  • How to Understand and Develop Social Awareness: Being patient, empathetic, putting yourself in other’s shoes, identifying other emotions, focus on the person talking, paying attention, and being present in the moment.
  • Day to Day Encounters and the Four Types of Interpersonal Communication:Listening, Non-verbal and speaking skills, the importance of effectively communicating in day-to-day encounters using these tips.
  • Recognizing and Breaking Bad Communication Habits: The easiest ways to identify your bad habits and quickest strategies to stop bad habits.
  • Five Conflict Management Strategies: How to resolve conflict situations within relationships, friends, work people and acquaintances and using it to foster long term relationships with friends, family and partners.
  • Understanding Sympathy, Empathy and Validation: The importance of emotional intelligence and understanding sympathy, empathy and social validation, and making you a better and mature communicator.
  • Effective Group Communication, Public Speaking Strategy: The dos and don’ts of communicating in groups effectively, how to use them to your advantage and much more tips on improving your communication skills!

Are you ready to break all communication barriers hindering you from making a headway?