17 Characteristics of Consciousness by Megha Sonawane-Alcobia and Madhukar Sonawane

Characteristics of Consciousness by Megha Sonowane Alcobia and Madhukar Sonawane

Everything in the Universe is Connected (Scientific Way of Life)

Consciousness and the Quantum Mechanics

Get insights into how everything in the universe is connected. Lean about two fundamental principles of the universe:

A. Struggle for survival
B. Creation-Destruction- Creation

These principles create and guide the eco-system of the universe. Other scientific laws, principles and forces like relativity, thermodynamics, gravity etc. maintain and run the eco-system of the universe.
The principle of Creation-Destruction-Creation cycle in the universe works through energy and matter. Energy never gets destroyed, and matter always gets destroyed. Energy and matter execute the cycle of creation-destruction-creation in the ordinary matter through proton and neutron. Proton and Neutron are the fundamental forces of creation and destruction in the universe of ordinary matter. Proton is the force of creation, that is why every new atom on the periodic table is defined by proton. Neutron is the force of destruction; scientist can make atomic bomb only because of this characteristic of the neutron. These fundamental forces work in our lives also. In our lives, everything good happens because of the influence of the proton’s force of creation and everything bad happens due to the influence of neutron’s force of destruction. We can work with these forces and manage their influences in our lives. However, to learn about how to manage these forces in our lives, we first need to learn about consciousness which is the building block of the matter and everything in the universe. Understanding of consciousness helps us understand the quantum mechanics well. And a good understanding of quantum mechanics is critical to align our lives to correct forces of the universe. And maintain constant access to the force of creation to live happy, successful, safe and fulfilling life.

This book is from the ‘Scientific Way of Life’ book series. It is about understanding consciousness and how everything mentioned in the above paragraph is connected to it and influenced by it.

The Scientific Way of life is the futuristic way of living life based on the understanding of quantum mechanics. It is developed based on the understanding of quantum mechanics, the big bang theory of the creation of the universe and the ancient Indian philosophies of Sankhya Shastra and Yog Shastra on which Buddhism is based.