Consciousness by J.L. Mondragon


All that we observe and understand as consciously awakened beings is being processed within the Collective Consciousness. Collectively, we are manifesting a new world. A world that is based on our fundamental natures. Our pull back is from the physical world that has lived by a self-created philosophy of technology and hard facts for centuries now. But there isn’t a form of battleground or war to the Conscious Minds, there is simply the onward growth towards inner peace, reconnecting to like minds, and Source. Infused together, we will reinvent a world were spirits can be born into aware states of consciousness and no longer fight through the beginning stages of loss or confusion throughout their adolescents. Here is where the lines are drawn. Those of us who see this world for its possibilities, and those of us who conceive it to be nothing more than a means to an end. As time marches us on towards the outcome, the physical world becomes tensed with fear to living a new path outside of what they’ve known for so long. While the spiritual world delights in knowing that it’s becoming what it once was so long ago. Time being an obstacle to both types of societies should be understood and not controlled.