Knocked Up by Brother’s Best Friend by Amy Brent

Book Cover: Knocked Up by Brother's Best Friend by Amy Brent

Knocked Up by Brother's Best Friend by Amy Brent

He's the one who went away.
After...knocking me up!

I knew I shouldn't have,
And yet I did.
He's the town troublemaker, a ripped alpha male who is nothing I need,
But everything my curves crave.
He's got the reputation of a bad boy who works hard, and plays harder.
And yet I can't resist his body
Which is as bitingly hot as his tongue.
Worse...he's my brother's best friend.

Our attraction is instant,
Our troubles are immediate.
To add to it,
I can't trace him once my brother finds out about us.

I need to find him and let him know that...
He's the father.

This is messed up, way too messed up!