Cinderella Shoots the Moon by Arlie Corday

Book Cover: Cinderella Shoots the Moon by Arlie Corday
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Coming of age contemporary woman's fiction set in New York

"Cinderella Shoots the Moon" is a story for anyone who has ever dreamed of a better life and fought to make it happen. It's the story of Tara Harris, a teen who moves to rural New York and finds more to worry about than clothes and popularity. With her parents falling into depression and alcoholism, and her best friend Abbie in terrible trouble at home, Tara finds hope with a mysterious woman, Blossom Tebbs. But when her heroine disappears, Tara runs away with Abbie to escape the horror. Out on their own they become nannies, con artists, self-educated scholars and gang members. When a tragedy threatens to end their flight to freedom, they find help from fellow Cinderella Girls. With no Prince Charming in sight, together they vow to rescue one another and live happily ever after.