First Impressions by Aria Ford

Book Cover: First Impressions by Aria Ford

First Impressions by Aria Ford


I want to leave my past behind, start fresh. It seems like no one will give me a chance.
So much for being welcome at my friend’s Thanksgiving dinner—his sister can’t stand me. Darby is irresistible though. She’s smart, gorgeous and way out of my league. She hates me every bit as much as I want her.
I can be the kind of man who’s good enough for her. If I can just escape my past.


Jared’s more bad boy than cowboy, so why do I want him so much? He’s not my type at all—but when I was stranded with car trouble, he came to my rescue. Maybe he’s more than just a guy with an incredible body and a checkered past. Maybe he could be a man I could count on, a man I could love. But I can’t bet my heart on a man I don’t trust.
Until I can’t resist him. Until I give in to that attraction. Until his past comes back to haunt him in a way that could destroy us both.