His Brother’s Wife by Mia Ford

Book Cover: His Brother's Wife by Mia Ford

Contemporary women's fiction, an erotic romance on Kindle

Jason Banks always gets what he wants. 
And this time, he wants his brother's wife. 
I knew it the first time I looked at those delicious curves,
Until she decided to walk down the aisle with my brother.
I knew it from the look she gives me,
That she wants to submit...give in to what I want.
But she's a good girl, plays by the rules.
I? I say f*ck the rules!
The only rule I wanna play by is, 'If you love someone, love HARD. Fight HARDER'.
Tiffany Baby, Care to bend down on your knees...for me? 

This is a perfect 70K Pregnancy Romance Novel that includes lot of family drama and the love what a woman needs during her pregnancy. No cheating and HEA guaranteed!!! Also included inside is some special bonus!