The Cost of Magic by Andrew Macmillan

The cost of magic

Beneath the streets, forgotten nightmares rise. To hunt monsters, he must become one. Can one man defeat his own darkness in time to save the city?

Edinburgh, Scotland. With a magical parasite as the source of his power, Ethan Cole is good for just one thing: killing monsters. But after a fight to the death takes an unexpected turn, he murders the wrong vampire. And when the innocent creature's kin tracks Cole down, to pay for his mistake he must accept a dangerous, forbidden job.

In a frenzy of bloodshed, Cole uncovers an ancient threat that could destroy his world. But with sinister forces rising from the deep and vampires vanishing from the streets, he'll have to act fast.

That is, if the thing inside him doesn't destroy him first...

Will Cole overcome his worst nature in time to save the city from annihilation?

The Cost of Magic is the gritty first book in The Ethan Cole urban fantasy series. If you like complex heroes, dark magical battles and terrifying villains, then you'll love Andrew Macmillan's fast-paced tale.

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