Crafty Decluttering by Brenda DeHaan

crafty decluttering

How long can you procrastinate decluttering your craft area? If you’re like many, the answer is “TOO long!”

"Crafty Decluttering" is a light-hearted look at how one tiny craft space was organized and transformed. The story is told through colorful pictures of the progress. Seeing how one crafter's mess gets organized may be just the thing to motivate you to tackle your own projects in your own way.

Organizing a craft space is an ongoing challenge. Two versions are featured in this updated edition. Not everyone is lucky enough to have an entire craft room, but regardless of the space allowed, decluttering is vital. In fact, the smaller the space, the more important organization is.

Minimize your clutter to maximize your productivity and peace of mind. The author's craft is wire-wrapped jewelry, but the overall concepts may be applied to other fields.

The books starts with a craft space in the disaster zone and appeals to crafters who struggle with clutter. If you need some quick inspiration on improving your own space, this book is for you! Organizing your area allows more time for creating. Enough said!