Crash Proof Your Investment by Dr Paul Keller

Crash Proof your Investment by Dr Paul Keller

This book will help you become a better stock market investor.

We’ve all heard the saying, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Crash Proof Your Investment is for both the stock market history enthusiast and the beginner and intermediate level stock market investor.

The mistakes made during the worst periods in stock market history will be explored in this book, including the story of the most disastrous and the most recent crashes in America.

No crash history would be complete without covering the 2010 Flash Crash, the 2008 Financial Crisis, the Dot-com bubble, and the Wall Street Crash of 1929. This historical context will shed light on the causes and lasting effects of these crashes.

The results of savvy stock market analysis are shared in “The 9 Stock Market Crash Warning Signs Every Stock Investor Should Know,” which is a perfect guide for putting the investor in a better position to predict the next stock market crash.

To help protect your investment, we examine 7 strategies designed to protect your investment in a bear market or even in a full-blown meltdown. Topics such as dividend stocks, stop-loss orders, options trading, and much more are discussed in detail.

The information covered will be useful for long investors who want to protect their portfolio investment and investors who have been burned one too many times in stock market declines. But, it is also for the short investor who would like to profit off the upcoming meltdown.

Understanding a stock market crash is knowledge that every stock investor should gain if they want to play the stock market game effectively.   Stock market investment strategies that protect your portfolio by not reacting inappropriately to stock manipulations are a must-have.

Remember the countless investors who got burned in the 2010 Flash Crash because their stop-loss orders were triggered?  The market recovered in minutes, leaving these traders with huge, unnecessary losses–in some cases up to 60%. To avoid this issue, in this book you will learn how to protect your investment without stop-loss orders.

Content is tailored to your specific situation by offering 4 optional exercises to apply to your own portfolio investment as tools to help you invest more strategically in the future.

Continually improving yourself as an investor will move you closer to meeting your investment goals.  Books like this increase your odds of becoming that millionaire stock investor who vacations in exotic locations around the world as your investments cover your expenses. (Or just retiring without worry, if that’s your goal.)

Whatever your investment goals are, this book can help you get there. If this sounds interesting to you, click the buy button and buy the book today!