Cryptocurrency by Devon Knott

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Not Your Keys, Not Your Wallet: Crypto Trading and Investing for Beginners - Understanding and Protecting Your Wallets 101

Cryptocurrency Wallet 101: Knowing More to Safeguard Your Assets

Scared of losing your cryptocurrencies? 

Interested in protecting your wallets against hacking attacks?

Or are you just searching for more knowledge on cryptocurrency wallets?

Here you will find your answers.

They say knowledge is power and ignorance is a disease that can cost one a great fortune. And with knowledge comes more strength to determine your destiny and choose your luck.

This book is an exposition on cryptocurrency wallets. It is a basic but deeper unearthing of information that every aspiring cryptocurrency trader or investor wants to know.

Cryptocurrency Wallet 101 is packaged to answer questions related to crypto wallets — the do’s, the don’ts, and the how-tos. Reading this book will give you an in-depth understanding of how cryptocurrency wallets work, enabling you to choose the best wallets to store and secure cryptocurrencies and other blockchain assets.

Inside Cryptocurrency Wallet 101 lies insightful chapters with thorough expositions on:

  • Cryptocurrency: how it all began
  • Simplification of essential crypto terms
  • Understanding cryptocurrency wallets
  • What are cryptographic keys?
  • Understanding the differences between private and public keys
  • How to safeguard your wallets
  • Crypto wallets 201

Crypto Wallet 101 begins with a brief but essential history of cryptocurrency that provides hard facts about how it all began, the progress made so far, and what the future holds for the cryptocurrency space.

The brief crypto history section is followed by a section dedicated to the simplification of essential cryptocurrency concepts and terminologies. The blockchain concepts explained here are words that are commonly used in the crypto space daily.

Then, the book dives fully into crypto wallets, explaining what crypto wallets are, the different types of wallets on the market, and why wallet keys are essential tools in cryptocurrency.

More facts are provided about crypto wallets later on in the book to educate crypto traders and investors on how to safeguard their wallets and cryptocurrencies against hacking attacks and theft.

Crypto Wallet 101: Not your keys, not your wallet, will provide you with a complete understanding of wallets, cryptocurrency transactions, and the protection of your cryptocurrencies.