Cullen: A Psychological Thriller by Solomon Petchers

Cullen by Solomon Petchers

Winner of Twin Tales Publishing Award

Despite his enormous size, twelve-year-old Cullen endured constant bullying for much of his life.

When a school trip to Wilderness Camp lands him in Saint Mary's Psychiatric Hospital, he finds himself trapped inside his mindroom where the walls are alive and torment him with memories from his painful past.

It's only with the help of a controversial therapy delivered through Jakob, a virtual reality headset, that he is able to return to his mother.

Cullen's attempt at a new life is upended when a video from Wilderness Camp emerges, setting off a chain of unsettling events that Cullen may never recover from.

Does he have the strength to stand up to his past? Or, will he be forced to resort to more drastic measures that may cost him is life?