Daily Happy Living by Gopi Menon

Daily Happy Living is a Thought-Provoking Guide to Happier Living

Daily happy living

Do you think that Unhappiness is Unavoidable for human beings? Does Happiness seem an Unreachable goal for you? Not so says author Gopi Menon in his book 'Daily Happy Living’!

He declares that you can be happy every day of your life by using the Joycentrix System described in this book. The Joycentrix System is a new philosophy that makes it easier to find happiness in this world.

It outlines a simple natural way to make Happy Living a habit. You do not have to spend hours meditating or carry out ritual worship in the hope of receiving happiness. Instead, you'll learn a basic, easy-to-follow set of beliefs that make it easier to find happiness in your everyday life.

The ideas may seem controversial at first, but by following these simple, practical tips, you can make your life a happy one. Author Gopi Menon believes that in order to achieve results, any philosophy must be practical.

His Joycentrix System is much more than simple dogma; it's a practical philosophy that sets out the beliefs and practices he himself uses to achieve happy living here and now. By following his system, you can make happy living your new reality.

In Daily Happy Living,

  • You learn why it is pointless to 'pursue happiness' as explained in Chapter 6.
  • How you too can overcome road rage (or uncontrollable anger) almost overnight, as shown in Chapter 12.
  • You learn the difference between Pseudo-Happiness and Real Happiness or Joy in the Chapter entitled Misconceptions About Happiness.
  • Learn about 'daily miracles' and gratitude in Chapter 8.
  • How a marriage headed for the rocks was saved by applying Happy Living Tips 4 & 5, and much, much more!

If you like thought-provoking insights, alternative approaches to true happiness, with heartwarming real-life examples, then you’ll love the effective techniques in this book. Starting today, you can be happier!

Make Happy Living an everyday habit!