Daily Self-Care for Women by Dana Masters

Daily self care

DAILY SELF-CARE FOR WOMEN - 101 Daily Practices for Self-Love, Well-Being, and Happiness

Are you overwhelmed and feeling unseen? Does a never-ending schedule constantly bog you down? Do you wish you could take care of yourself as well as you take care of everyone else? Are you struggling with communicating those needs to others? Are you unsure of where to start to make self-care a part of your everyday life?

As women, caring for ourselves can be challenging. Women are natural caretakers, but we struggle to create a healthy environment for our minds, bodies, and souls. Unfortunately, we often put the needs of others first and worry about our own needs later (if at all).

Whether you’re a partner, a mother, a friend, or an executive, sometimes our desire to take on all of life’s responsibilities blinds us. Yet, we need to feel cared for too. Supporting your well-being is the first step to loving yourself and finding true happiness.

This book has 101 ways to fill your self-care tool belt:

  • Activities that promote your wellness
  • Self-talk and positive affirmations
  • Grounding and meditation tools
  • Perspective-based exercises that encourage self-improvement
  • Daily reminders that boost self-esteem

Self-care is for every woman at any age. So don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and take the most remarkable journey of all: the journey of self-discovery and acceptance.