Damir and the Hidden Atoll by Hamdhaan A Ghani

The thrilling journey of three friends to mystery islands

Damir and the hidden atoll
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Could there really have been a mysterious tribe that had lived in the nearby uninhabited island centuries ago? Could all of them really have fled the island due to terrifying events? Or it could be one of the many folklores that Damir, Mala and Sarah had heard over the years about the many islands of the Maldives, where they live, or so they thought!

Until the terrifying events in the folklore starts coming true. Can history be repeating itself?

Follow Damir, Sarah and Mala as they embark on a journey across the Maldives to find answers - a journey that leads them to be locked in a race against time in millennia-old feud between the most powerful beings in existence and a race that was thought to have long since gone extinct in the world.

Damir and the Hidden Atoll is a thrilling supernatural story that middle-grade and young adults will love.