The Dandelion Bouquet by Renee Jurkiewicz

The Dandelion Bouquet by Renee Jurkiewicz
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Meet Anna Hudson in this passionate story of love, confusion, and life in this woman’s romantic journey to find herself. Anna realizes that she will never be able to ignore the wonders and carry on like the rest of the world seems to. Enjoy how this poetic story leaves the reader refreshed with a new outlook on life’s chosen path. Anna has been feeling stuck and unhappy with her husband Douglas. She feels trapped and alone.
That’s when her childhood friend, Jacob mysteriously returns to her life. Anna still loves her husband, but these feelings were too strong, these feelings have been alive inside her all along. Anna knew there was a solution to her unsettled soul and she continued her search. Anna suddenly finds herself passionately in love with Jacob after all these years. She begins to feel as if she is living in a fantasy. Things continue to become complicated when Anna is allured back to the romantic touch of her husband, Douglas, whom she also loves, and now she has to decide which way to go.
Normal was easier, but it was phony and meaningless. She didn’t want to deprogram or desensitize herself into joining the majority who chose to ignore the mysteries of their existence.
Anna explores the personalities of family members and admires the traits of her mother and her father shining through as precious gifts. Each gift plays an individual role in the strength of the family. Anna uses her own gifts as lessons to move forward with her life and discover what she finds inside each relationship. Learn how Anna finds comfort in a very special place with a very special friend. Imagine entering new horizons, realizing your dreams, and feeling absolutely secure and loved.