When Darkness Follows by Athena Daniels

When Darkness Follows (Beyond the Grave series #4) by Athena Daniels
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RACHEL is being watched. The hair on the back of her neck stands on end, and she fights a strong impulse to run. Across a span of clear turquoise water, listing at an unnatural angle, a shipwrecked fishing trawler, the Anna-Marie, sits wedged against a coral reef.

Walking away isn't an option.

A week ago, Rachel and fellow Trinity Beat band members, Rob and Trey, ventured onto the haunted wreck in the middle of the night. They didn't believe in ghosts, much less curses.

But Rachel and her friends encounter something that night. An evil not of this world. And now Trey is dead, Rob is missing, and Rachel's memory of the night is gone.

And whatever they disturbed that night, has followed her home...

BY THE INTERNATIONAL NUMBER ONE BESTSELLING AUTHOR  of the Award-Winning Beyond the Grave series

"When Darkness Follows leaves no question in my mind as to why Athena Daniels' series is so wildly popular... an intense paranormal thriller with a healthy side of sizzle by an author who is as skilled at crafting a story as the list of accolades she's acquired say she is." Readers Favorite 

"A heart-stopping, explosive tale of the paranormal... a masterpiece." Readers Favorite

"A paranormal romance that takes the reader on a thrilling ride that I wished would never end. Steamy and sizzling enough to fog my reading glasses...It deserves 5 stars and a lot more." Readers Favorite

WHEN DARKNESS FOLLOWS can be read as a standalone novel.