Dating Advice 360 by DM Woods

Dating advice

The Ultimate Hack To Getting What You Want!

I’M DONE WITH DATING AND TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS! THERE ARE NO GOOD PEOPLE LEFT! I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE! IF THIS IS THE DATING POOL, IT IS POISONED! The dating market can be beyond frustrating. Whether you are just getting out of a divorce, breakup, been on the market with a fear of going on sale or ready to be discontinued, “DATING ADVICE 360: The Ultimate Hack To Getting What You Want!” is the right book for you. To win, you have to understand the market at its foundation, structure, and all the things surrounding it.

  • Are You Frustrated With Dating?
  • Do You Have Moments Where You Feel Lost?
  • Do You Want To Figure Out What Is Going On?
  • Are You Ready To Narrow Down and Find Your Person?

DATING ADVICE 360: is the unfair advantage you’ve been missing. This book contains the 12 Types of Daters you never knew existed; why men lie, women lie; why you keep meeting the same type of people, and how to learn yourself. It also contains Developing a Vetting Process; Dating App Crash Course; The good, bad, and hacks of a first date, and learning the flow to the relationship.

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