Dating without Boundaries by Natalee Mayer

International Dating Advice and Places to Find a Lifetime Partner

Book Cover: Dating without Boundaries by Natalee Mayer

dating and relationship advice, a nonfiction international travel ebook

Are you looking for a real life partner? Thinking about getting married soon? Finally you have found a realistic help guide on how to easily get her or him on board fast, "never to jump ship again". This book was designed to show men and women the best international places and methods to find a dream partner without changing themselves. Unlike most other “dating advice” guides out there, which are really just empty repeated fluff content used by some dating guru to build their coaching business, this book is unique and more practical than you might believe. Natalee is an expat in Paris, who also spends a good part of the year in Thailand, and she has packed this book full of actionable content on international dating to help anyone finding a dream partner fast!

Discover American cities, Asia, Europe, and other exotic places on the way! This book will show you around, expand your horizon, give you relationship advice that you should listen to, and finally get what you always have deserved, there are no boundaries when it comes to finding the right partner!