One Day at a Time by Kate Cullen

One day at a time

The perfect life.
Perfect family, perfect friends and perfect school. How could it all fall apart so quickly?
Sixteen year old Cara, is about to embark on the biggest year of her schooling; year twelve, before applying to study medicine. Everything is on track seamlessly for a well-grounded future.
Raised in the suburbs of Eastern Melbourne in a comfortable house with loving parents who adore her, Cara enjoys a close circle of friends, and her popularity status at the school is on the rise, with the letter A stamped all over her report card.
Everything is perfect. At least…… was.
Slowly, the walls of her seemingly perfect existence start to come crumbling down as the Christmas before her final year approaches. She didn’t see it happening. She didn’t understand how life could change so quickly.
But it did.
And before she can try and regain control of her broken life and broken reputation, Cara is subject to the most humiliating bullying, online and in person, after a mortifying car accident caused by her drunken mother is made public, and a compromising photo of Cara goes around the web, damaging her ill-fated reputation even further.
Dealing with the rehabilitation of an alcoholic parent who has a secret that could change Cara’s history, and the breakdown of her family unit, her life is turned upside down when she is forced to move to her father’s new girlfriend’s farm. Experiencing loss and isolation with an intensity she never dreamed of, Cara finds solace in the horse stables at the farm, and a little boy who unwittingly steals her heart. But is it the attention of the cute looking stable hand with his own tragic baggage that finally digs her out of the self-pitying slump she’s in?