No Deadly Medicine by Trudey Martin

No deadly medicine
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An elderly gentleman drops his notebook.

Verity Spencer picks it up.

A random act of kindness that plunges her into a world of corruption, cover-ups, deception and death.

When she attempts to return the notebook, Verity finds the old man shot and dying. He begs her not to hand the notebook to the police and reluctantly, she agrees. But someone is desperate for the information it contains and will stop at nothing to get hold of it.

Verity is in above her head. She needs to find new levels of resolve and determination if she has any chance of finding out what is going on, staying one step ahead of the criminals - and keeping herself alive.

No Deadly Medicine is the first book in the Verity Spencer crime thriller series. If you enjoy suspenseful mystery crime thrillers then you'll love Trudey Martin's action-packed page turner. Buy No Deadly Medicine to cheer Verity along her journey today!

"Author Trudey Martin knows how to craft a non-stop action thriller from the off, with her central character being thrown right into the fray even from the earliest pages of the tale. (...);a recommended read for fans of multi-layered mystery thrillers." -K.C. Finn, Multi-award-winning author. ★★★★★

"Verity Spencer is a modern day heroine. These fast paced, high adrenaline thrillers are great for anyone who enjoys a book they can't put down. And they are made all the more interesting by the fabulous Lincolnshire settings." Rob Hammond, radio presenter LincsFM ★★★★★

What readers are saying about No Deadly Medicine:

Be warned, you’ll pick it up and not want to put it down

"Verity starts on a journey that will take her into the depths of darkness, including human trafficking, unethical medical practices, police cover ups, violence and danger"

"She's a one woman crime fighting demon"

"I really enjoyed this thriller with its unusual hero, an ordinary lady in extraordinary circumstances...A brilliant bit of escapism and an easy read"

The Verity Spencer crime thriller series, perfect for fans of David Baldacci, Harlan Coben, Val McDermid and Patricia Cornwell.

Interview with the author:

Q. What was your inspiration?

A. I love action adventure crime thrillers. Yet almost every book has a hero who's an expert-a police officer, ex-army etc. Or they have some sort of special skill. I wanted to explore what would happen if a normal, everyday woman got drawn into that dark world of crime. When Verity picks up the notebook, it could have been any one of us. What resources would you need as an amateur sleuth to fight these very scary criminals.

Q. How does Verity develop?

A. At the start of No Deadly Medicine she's grieving. By the end of the book she's changed completely. She's had to forget her grief and concentrate on staying alive. She turns into a feisty protagonist, fighting off the bad guys. She tumbles into life as a private investigator and in A Hallway of Gallows she looks into the disappearance of a teenager. It's a gritty and dark story. Verity is plunged into another evil world as she looks into the mystery. Because the books are written in the first person, there's also a humorous element because we understand Verity's thoughts. There's a hint of a romantic encounter, but we will see where that goes!

Q. What's new for Verity?

A. Book 4 sees a young lad asking Verity for help when his mother is threatened. Then murdered. They need to find out what secret she was hiding to prevent a murder spree from happening. Look out for it in early 2022.