Declassified: Star of ash by Sindre Gjerset


Since the project MK-ULTRA scandal in 1975, the state-funded experiment on humans was brought to an end.
Nevertheless during the cold war continued USSR their human experimenting, but all reports disappeared in the collapse of the Soviet Union.
An ongoing investigation for years makes the FBI discover a freestanding KGB network within the USA.
In 2010 launces FBI a raid at the KGB sleeper-agents network, but what they find baffle their minds. It's beyond their imagination and will change everything.
The legacy from the cold war brings evilness upon modern times. The patterns from history with project paperclip and MK-ULTRA brings a devastating fight for freedom and truth.
A power struggle from the cold war era is about to begin again.

Lucas Hawk is living with his uncle, where his father and mother died for a long time ago in mysterious ways. One day stumble suddenly his godfather back up in town. Things start to happen in the sleepy village of Greensburg. His family history unfolds in a very different way than he thought he knew. And at the same time discover Lucas and his friends that an old military facility from the cold war in the outskirt of the village has awakened. Strange things start to happen. They quickly find themselves hunted down.
Whom can they trust?